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The most recent Social Security Administration annual trustees report says that after 2034, retirees will probably receive about three-quarters of the amount theyre promised, which is still a nice chunk of money. Changes to Social Security policy could mean a bigger benefit or a smaller benefit later on, but you shouldnt discount it altogether. Like many other variables in the retirement savings game, its hard to predict how much youll earn and be able to save on your own. But with Social Security in your back pocket, you wont be on the hook to save every penny yourself. According to the Social Security Administration, the benefit will likely replace about 40% of the average earners pre-retirement income. Get a gold star in retirement preparedness and use a calculator to see a rough estimate of your monthly Social Security benefit. Go full steam ahead on your 401(k) Even though Social Security will be there, it wont cover all of your expenses in retirement. to a 401(k) at work, if one is available to you, to help make up the difference. Thanks to the beauty of compound interest, you can save $100 a month in a retirement account starting at 22 and end up richer by 65 than if you started saving $200 a month at 32. Theres often an extra incentive to sign up: Almost three-fourths of employers match at least a portion of workers contributions to their 401(k)s, according to the Society for Human Resource Management . Its also increasingly likely your company will do the enrollment work for you, Jean Young, senior research analyst at the Vanguard Center for Retirement Research, told me.

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Finding employment isn’t easy, especially whenever you aren’t armed with the right advice. There are tons of resources available for job searchers. The following is some advice to help you look in the right place for your ideal position.

Speak with family and friends when searching for a job. See if they know of any company needing someone with your skills and would be willing to introduce you. A lot of people will overlook this step. However, if you do not have good recommendations you may be turned away.

You may need to change your job search strategy if you are unable to find a job after a reasonable period of time. There are many companies that are not currently hiring, but do not allow that to stop you. Make some time to visit other areas, however, be sure that it is some place you’d be willing to live in should you get the job.

Make yourself aware of the typical salary, benefits and work perks of various employers in your industry. This allows you to negotiate to your advantage without selling yourself short. Many people ask for a salary that is much less than they are worth since they feel employers will balk at anything too high. This makes you look desperate though.

Organize important information in standardized forms. You’ll often have to provide information that you may not remember anymore. You’ll want to have this information written down somewhere, and keep it handy. This will speed up the process of filling out applications.

You don’t want to be friends with your bosses or co-workers. This will ensure you know people in the field before you leave the company. Personal relationships can create drama and conflict and move things to another level. The more you network, the better.

Maintain a proper mindset. Failure is almost certain at some point, so take this with a grain of salt. Do not rely on unemployment benefits, or you may become too comfortable in your current position. What you should do is set attainable goals and make deadlines as far as the amount of applications you submit.

Remember that companies only care about making money. Make sure that you emphasize that you can make the company more money. They need to know exact details.

Go networking in your field. Being good at networking will allow you to come into contact with more people in your profession. Make it a point to join in wherever you can in in your industry with the help of job seminars, networking meetups and anything else you come across. Be sure that you learn as much as possible so that this can translate to landing a great job.

If you’re not sure how to get your resume just right, use a template that you find online as a guide. There are lots of free options for you to use. Determine what aspect of your resume you’d like to highlight and then find a template that will help you reach this goal.

Don’t be dishonest during an interview. If they find out that you have lied, your chances of getting the job go down the drain. You never know when an interviewer will check up on you. Even if the interviewer doesn’t double check everything you say, it could soon become apparent that you don’t possess the skills or experience you claimed you did. Work on honestly demonstrating your qualities instead of embellishing your experience.

Do your homework on the company you are applying to. YOURURL.comThey should at least have a website you can visit. This will allow you to pose insightful questions during the interview. It can help you make a lasting positive impression on prospective employers.

Thoroughly investigate any employment agencies you are thinking of working with, and take everything they say with a grain of salt. Some employment agencies are only out to scam people. Look into their track record and see if they’re legitimate. If you find a good agency, it can benefit you greatly.

It is not the simplest thing searching for a good job. You must focus on a number of places rather than just one. This advice should help you broaden your job search and locate the job you want.


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