Guidance On Aspects Of Medicine

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It has a range of roles that include global standard setting in collaboration with other international organizations. Good laboratory medicine requires comparable results that are independent of where and when a test was performed and the measurement procedure used. Comparable results are needed because if different measurements give different results for the same patient, clinical practice guidelines become less useful and patients may receive incorrect treatment. Harmonization of methods in laboratory medicine is a means to improve patient safety. IFCC advances in in standardisation of clinical tests through the work of its Scientific Division . Among the several projects in the Standardization area, the Committee on Standardization of Thyroid Function Tests : -develops reference measurement systems (reference materials/reference methods) to establish traceability of free thyroid hormone and TSH assays; – aims to establish a network of laboratories competent to offer reference measurement services for free thyroid hormones; – provides an infrastructure for procurement of serum panels; – demonstrating that the traceable assays can use a common reference interval, uses this as a basis for further elaboration of the reference intervals by the IVD manufacturers; ABOUT IFCC IFCC is the leading organization in the field of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine worldwide. Through leadership and innovation in science and education, IFCC strives to enhance the scientific level and the quality of diagnosis and therapy for patients throughout the world. builds on the professionalism of its members to provide quality services to patients. IFCC is a Federation of 90 Full Member and 12 Affiliate member Societies of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine representing more than 45.000 individual clinical chemists, laboratory scientists, and laboratory physicians and 46 Corporate Members covering the major areas of clinical laboratory developments.

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